Opportunities and Contact

If you are interested to work as a project student or Master student in our group please contact me directly at the contact address below.

We have just appointed three new positions in the group, a PhD, Postdoc and a Research engineer and have currently no vacancies for these positions (however, see independent funding opportunities for Postdocs below).

Postdoc candidates: If you have a project idea that fit into the group and want to apply for independent funding, I will be happy to support your application. There are many possibilities to get financial support for doing a PostDoc in Sweden with support from independent grants. Examples of funding agencies are the Swedish Research Council, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, Carl Tryggers Foundation, Lawski stiftelsen, Erik Philip-Sörensens Stiftelse, and the Marie Curie Foundation.

Contact details:

Email: carina.schlebusch@ebc.uu.se

Physical Address:

Department of Organismal Biology
Evolutionary Biology Centre
Uppsala University
Norbyvägen 18C
SE-752 36 Uppsala


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