Cécile Jolly (Research Engineer), Rickard Hammarén (PhD student), Jessica de Loma Olsson (visiting PhD student), Carina Schlebusch (PI), Mario Vicente (PhD student)

Carina Schlebusch, Group leader

csI am highly motivated and passionate about my work, i.e. using genetic research as a tool to investigate human history. My special interest and expertise in the population history of Africa, allow me the opportunity to investigate both recent population movements, associated with farming, as well as deep human history, which is rooted in Africa. I share this passion with the current PhD and Masters students that I supervise and co-supervise. My research philosophy is thus to tap into this passion that my students, collaborators and I share for research in the history of our species, and through these interactions formulate my research questions and build my future research group. I conducted my PhD work at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa where I focused on genetic diversity in Khoisan-speaking populations from southern Africa. Subsequently I completed my postdoctoral studies at the Jakobsson Lab at Uppsala University. Currently I am employed as a researcher at the Department of Organismal Biology, Uppsala University and conduct my research as a subgroup in the Human Evolution Program (link).

Mario Vicente, PhD student


My studies focus on the demographic history of Sub-Saharan Neolithic farmer and herder groups. I aim to investigate the migration routes of Bantu and Khoe-speaking populations throughout sub-Saharan Africa and their interaction with autochthonous inhabitants by using genome-wide data. My main research interests are population genetics, human evolution and African demography.

New Members in 2018 – In the next few months we will be welcoming three new group members: Rickard Hammaren (PhD), Cesar Fortes-Lima (Postdoc) and Cecile Jolly (Research Engineer).

Alumni: Jingzi Xu, Master student Jingzi studied Mitochondrial and Y-chromosome variation in southern African hunter-gatherer populations

Involvement in other projects and co-supervision:

Co-supervising projects in Mattias Jakobssons’ group (Uppsala University):

Thijessen Naidoo – PhD student

Nina Hollfelder – PhD student

Gwenna Breton – PhD student

Alexandra Coutino – PhD student

Co-supervising projects in Karin Brobergs’ group (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm):

Jessica De Loma Olson – PhD student

Co-supervising projects in Marlize Lombards’ group (University of Johannesburg):

Shannon Perucatti – Master student